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Rui Hua Mo (Danny)

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London based graphic designer with a background in the east and a multifaceted design process, working the balance of eastern and western aesthetics. Driven by the environment around me and the urge to experiment. It's what inspires me to explore further beyond my boundaries and to design the ideal simplistic lifestyle.

Simple Life Festival

Recent research suggests even small doses of nature in your daily routine can improve one's well-being, decreasing physical and mental stress. The Simple Life festival is a summer time festival, imagining a relaxing and nature involved atmosphere that contrasts the busy and stressful nature of London. It’ll feature a combination of nature, music, design, and food. The event is scheduled to take over a summer weekend in Hyde Park.

The new age of eggs

With lab grown meat, meat substitutes and meat alternatives predicted to become more efficient and integrated into society in the coming years leading up to 2035, The New Age of Eggs is intended to be a conversation starter, exploring and imagining the chicken egg of 2035.
Modifying and altering form and size, whilst still maintaining the "essence" of the egg, to create the "perfect" egg. One that possibly would have nothing to do with a chicken and its industrial farming methods.

Just Fine

Just Fine is an experimental response to the song 山海 by taiwanese band 草东没有派对. Which describes a person who in the face of the younger version of themself is forced to realise their failure and inability to become the version of themselves they dreamed of long ago.
Following the context of the story the project explores, through material and form, the harsh reality of expectations and life.
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