Graphic and Media DesignDegree Show 2019


Sam Carballo
I love magazines, and love designing them even more than I love reading and collecting them. I specialise in editorial and believe a strong foundation in layout for print is a transferrable skill into many other areas of design. One of the things I love about designing magazines is all of the different disciplines you get to work with, who all bring different perspectives to the table, working as part of a collective rather than in isolation creates a stronger outcome.

Zoku Issue One

ZOKU means Tribe in Japanese, in the modern world the tribe we belong to often shows itself through the clothes that we wear and the cultural media we are interested in. ZOKU magazine Issue One is the work of a collaboration between myself and Francois Malget (LCF Journalism) the editor in chief and various other photographers and writers. The issue documents various topics revolving around street wear and fashion in Seoul, South Korea and Tokyo, Japan.

Exposed Issue One

Exposed is a photography magazine showcasing the work of street photographers. It has a bespoke typeface (Streetface) designed for the publication, which reflects the physical structure of city streets with its mix of curves and angles. The typeface’s mismatched look also reflects the breath of different characters one encounters when shooting on the street. Issue one focusses on the ethical questions brought up when practising street photography, privacy, the law, and features Ukrainian street photographer Maxim Gorrodetksy and Michal Huniewicz, a Polish street/travel photographer who travelled to North Korea to photograph the mysterious nation.