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Sarah Ida Brooks

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I’m a multicultural Digital Graphic Designer who analyses social behaviours to identify new forms of structured and organic interactions. 
I design User and Interactive Experiences with environmental, social and political concerns in mind. By exploring emerging technologies, I aim to develop innovative platforms with which to showcase these new digital networks. My passion also lies within the Motion Graphics and 3D design areas. These projects best describe my influences and interests in the design field, with the hopes of continuing to question, learn and explore.

The Peer.Ly app

Peer Mentoring programs are available across most UK universities. They represent a huge part of university life and have been shown to enhance student success whilst on their course. However, what if the current platforms being used between the users are confusing and inefficient? This is where the Peer.Ly app can help. Peer.Ly was designed to help facilitate communication between the admin teams, the student Mentors and Mentees as well as improve their wellbeing throughout the year.

'Two Floors'

'Two Floors' is a data visualisation project about how spaces in our everyday lives tend to be overlooked. These 3D animations are examples of data taken from two areas of the Westfield Shopping Centre in Stratford, London. The data was recorded on the same day and at the same time from two separate floors, one below the other. One space is a Food Court area which is located on the 1st floor, the other is a 'Prayer's Space' located on the 2nd floor.

'Tupi Guarani Indigenous Tribe' A Generative Design Project

The Indigenous South American 'Tupi Guarani' tribes are slowly losing their territory to companies building and taking over their land. The protection laws have changed under Brazil's Jair Bolsonaro's government. The Indigenous Brazilian cultures are fading. This self initiative project is a celebration of their graphic repertoires which are originated from a single chevron shape, that itself generates basic motifs: The Zig Zag, The Triangle, The Rhombus, The Square and The Cross.
These elements then undergo a series of transformations and variations which will then constitute their graphic repertoire.
These manipulations involve the use of well known composition rules: Symmetry (horizontal or vertical reflection), translation, rotation and scaling.
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