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Sergul Fibi Halil

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Hi! My name is Sergul Fibi Halil, I am also known as Feebs on my social media pages; I am a British Turkish Cypriot graphic designer born and raised in London. I haven't fully established what I would like to branch into in the design industry, which I see as an asset, because I am interested to dabble in anything right about now. The things I have most enjoyed doing in my three years at LCC have been typologies, branding and identity and marketing. I also love to do illustrations in my spare time and run my own nail art page. My work during my time in LCC has incredibly improved and here you get to see some of the work I am most proud of. Enjoy!

Two Coats

I created an indie nail polish festival to celebrate the ever growing indie nail community on Instagram, specifically the ones based in the UK. Here is a series of mock-ups of how the festival marketing materials would look on the day and for advertising before the event.


Since the lock-down began, my obsession and collection of nail polish started to grow. Channeling this, I decided to create a typology editorial project called Swatch to order my nail polish collection. The initial pages are of me "dissecting" nail polish bottles, meaning I take images of individual parts of the bottle alone. The next part of it is me using just close up images of the nail polish and ordering them in various ways, like "glitter to creme" (pictured below). This book is not printed yet due to the pandemic, but I created mock-ups of it.

British Turkish Cypriot - Design Thesis

For my design thesis, I created a hand sewn book with red book cloth, golden letters on the cover, marble printed end papers with beautifully set type inside. I unfortunately do not have the physical book with me, but I am so proud of my design thesis that I wanted to include some lower quality images I sent to friends and family on Messenger and Whatsapp, along with a low quality video my friend took of my design thesis for me. This is due to the pandemic not allowing us to access our design thesis, which is still in LCC.
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