Graphic and Media DesignDegree Show 2019


Shamar B
I guess I'm a Graphics Designer, Visual Artist and Photographer.

My work often explores social themes, mainly focusing on the different ways of creating and allowing for representation among black creatives and artists. I tend to engage with themes of culture, race and perspective.

Instagram: Aria.Shamar


A rebranding and design of BEAT MAGAZINE. Based on the exploration of editorial design, production and branding.

I chose to rebrand and design BEAT MAGAZINE's newspaper based zine and create a new magazine that focused on the celebration of black musicians.


A project based on the exploration of colour in relation to statement of being "more than just black". This photography book / video project uses primary and secondary colours as a way of capturing the many moods and feelings of black creatives and artists.

Thermography was a big influence for this project, the negative images allowed for a depiction of different moods and the idea of being more than just "black". This two part project includes a video which explores the same themes, narrated by Jasmin (@theartyhijabi) and her poem "My Rainbow - A Coloured Women".


A self initiated project exploring black representation and the existence of black creatives within art and design industry. The project focuses on wanting to capture this idea of being watched and viewed by multiple different people. I used six cameras to capture the interviews, the idea was to represent perspective through the use of multiple cameras.

This project also includes a single sided film photography book.


Branding and design for a new London based music newspaper. Focused on layout, editorial design, production and branding. This newspaper was my take on creating a modern newspaper that respected newspaper standards whilst taking influences from modern magazine design.