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Sinuo Guo

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I’m a Slovak-born, Chinese designer based in London with a passion for visual communication, in particular brand identity design, digital and UX/UI. I enjoy doing creative work that is connected to cultures, music, experiences and social change.



Crescendo is a piano festival, aimed at music lovers and amateur pianists, who are curious about piano, from learning the instrument to finding their favourite piece or composer. The festival lasts for 3 days, focusing on a genre each day: classical, jazz, contemporary/film music, celebrating the versatility of piano across diverse genres. Its aim is to challenge the perception of piano music as being only 'classical music' which is boring and outdated, but explore the evolution of its role from classical to jazz, using a contemporary visual identity to attract the younger audience. The experience includes performances, masterclasses and interactive music installations.


A self-initiated project: designing a response to xenophobia and discrimination during COVID-19. A visual campaign integrated into the environment of social distancing, using the language corresponding to ‘isolating the virus’ to communicate the issues of racial discrimination and prejudice since the beginning of COVID-19.


MaLa - meaning 'numbing' 麻 and 'spicy' 辣

MaLa is a concept for a contemporary Chinese restaurant, specialising in Sichuan hotpot and dishes. Sichuan cuisine is known for its fragrant, bold, and spicy flavours, in particular the MaLa flavour – a numbingly spicy sensation, that is distinct in Sichuan cuisine. Its mission is to bring Sichuan hotpot and cuisine to a wider western audience through a contemporary style and authentic experience. The identity communicates a sense of playfulness and a fun, shared dining experience, while rejecting stereotypical visual representations.
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