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Hi! My name is Kieran, I am a London & Jersey-based multidisciplinary designer with interests in Graphic Design and Art Direction. I stress the importance of every decision made within the design process. Having a holistic and open-minded approach to projects allows me to assess which creative techniques will work best to achieve the desired goal. My main interests lie within visual identity and motion graphics, having spent this past year developing my skills in kinetic typography, alongside editorial and branding design as evident in my recent projects. I intend to continue developing my techniques within these areas as I continue my career as a designer.


Kinetic Type ➔ Goodhood

Implementation of Kinetic Typography into fashion retail brand Goodhood’s website. Adding revolving shopping categories to increase the website's dynamic user experience, as well as developing a loading screen featuring various types of styles to represent the eclectic fashion offered by the store.

Alongside this a face filter for Instagram featuring the brand's original logo that revolves around the user's head > Designed using SparkAR.

'Bubble' effect created using Adobe After Effects. Chromatic bubbles descend and warp over the text, then leave the screen, and the logotype compresses to one iteration.
Alternating type logo reel and rotating shopping categories made using Adobe After Effects. Designed to make the homepage of the website more dynamic and appealing. The loading screen displays various typefaces to represent the eclectic fashion offered by the brand.
Face filter designed for Instagram. Made using SparkAR. Development of a face filter for the brand. Optimising kinetic type to elevate the brands' graphical presence and to be used as a marketing tool.
Rotating type designed using Adobe After Effects. Application of rotating type for use on the company's social media to promote new releases and promotional items.

Amen, Brother

A 65-page editorial book exploring the vast history and culture surrounding the infamous Amen Break, the most sampled 6 seconds of music in the world. From its conception in 1969 on The Winston's track Amen, Brother the sample known as the Amen Break featured in music from all across the world, from N.W.A to Oasis to becoming the foundation of Jungle music in the early ’90s.

A short animation made using Adobe After Effects. Featuring a selection of pages from the publication, not in correct order.

Infrasound Brand Manual

Creation of a brand manual for an events, promotional and media brand titled 'Infrasound'. The brand is focused on drum and bass music, hosting events, promoting rising talent as well as paying homage to the rich history and culture of the scene through social media posts.

Infrasound, sometimes referred to as low-frequency sound, describes sound waves with a frequency below the lower limit of human audibility. Infrasound is measured using a spectrogram; a visual way of representing the signal strength, or “loudness”, of a signal over time at various frequencies present in a particular waveform. Not only can one see whether there is more or less energy at, for example, 2 Hz vs 10 Hz, but one can also see how energy levels vary over time.

The spectrogram became the main focus of the identity of the brand, featuring within event promotional designs and videos.

Promotional video in the same format as the poster + moving spectrogram synced with the track's audio.
Another version of the promo video, this time editing the colours of the background clip of a DJ playing to a busy crowd.