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I'm Mynah, a Française/Américaine and multidisciplinary-designer from Seattle, USA. My design practice is research-led and focused on communicating ideas. For my final year, my work centred around my growing interest in synthetic biology, as well as in the construction of narratives particularly applied to the medium of bande dessinée.



Poly-35 is a synthetic bacteria designed to eat ocean plastics. Explored are three bio-ethical concerns which can arise when introducing synthetic organisms into the natural world. The animation is designed to address and inform a potential bio-disaster happening in the year 2035.

Visualising Synthetic Biology

What is a graphic designer's role in the fast moving industry of synthetic biology? What is our role in the restoration of our environment to ensure the exploration of new environments? How can we begin to 'question everything' and keep updated on new technologies to ensure protection of our current environment and avoid the risk of exposure? These are three questions I approached while exploring ways to visualize for visual learners the different biotechnologies used within the synthetic biology industry. My response is an interactive pdf which allows you to click through different technologies (simplified) as well as some of the key functions of DNA and RNA.

Lumière Fut

Lumière Fut is a silent graphic narrative supporting my bachelor dissertation on comparing silent comics and bandes dessinées muette. The narrative expresses the thesis process while using narrative aspects from both graphic narrative cultures.

Lumière Fut
Lumière Fut
Lumière Fut
Lumière Fut