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Subin You

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Hello! I’m Subin. I am a graphic designer and an illustrator based in Seoul, South Korea. My design work is inspired by Korean pop culture and I enjoy creating a visual identity for K-pop. As an illustrator, I am interested in children's literature and I am passionate about character design. Please visit my Instagram profile(@bino_9516) if you want to see my illustrations. 

No Thoughts

Many people know zoning out is negative and some people feel guilty about doing and thinking nothing because time is gold and they think such attempts are a waste of time. However, our brains work too hard in our heads and we sometimes need to stop thinking to relax our brains.

This project started to let people know the benefits of zoning out. I developed the medical theme with three activity books to show the positive message that you can be mentally healthier when you zone out.

Dream Box

Dream Concert has been held since 1995 with the aim of nurturing dreams and hopes for Korean teenagers. This is a typical K-pop concert of Korea with the participation of top contemporary artists and the accumulated number of audiences over 1.46 million in the past 25 years. “Dream” in Korean has a special meaning. It means what we want to achieve for the future (e.g. ambitions, goals, or what we we want to be). This concert has been held to support these dreams through songs with hopeful lyrics. Teenagers have a lot of potential talents and we don’t know how they will live their lives in the future. Thus, it is important for them to find dreams to have the future that they hope. However, unfortunately, many teenagers do not know the purpose of Dream Concert and it was a starting point of this project.

Show Your K-pop

Show Your K-pop is a project to re-brand Changwon K-pop World Festival with cherry blossoms that symbolise Changwon City.

I developed this project with the theme of traveling to show local images and emphasize the international image of the festival. Also, I used handwriting to visually illustrate the individuality of each contestant.

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