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Sue Heeyeon An

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I'm a multidisciplinary digital designer based in London. My work centres on problem solving and finding possible future directions through different methodologies. I find myself inundated with visual images from my daily routine. Without intellectual stimulation, I believe life would be truly drab and boring.


#StayFocused is a campaign that raises awareness of road safety issues and changing behaviours. The campaign targets a specific road user group, 18 to 25 years old and the distractions that most commonly results in death or trauma. The deliverables aim to send a message, by showing a story of the youngsters who are living a busy contemporary life, that there will be consequences if they do not stay focused while crossing the road, using a humorous tone of voice.

A Platform of Joy

A Platform of Joy is part of the RSA brief, sponsored by Network Rail, to create a surprising experience that sparks joy through celebration and that also solves a problem at tube stations. This project aims to unlock joy for people at tube stations by spreading cheerful messages to each other with personalised animations. It is inspired by a book 'Joyful' by Ingrid Fetell Lee.

Road Signs Into Advertisements

Road Signs will alter into a different medium; a new advertising platform where companies and brands can promote their services to Autonomous Vehicle travellers. This idea is from an assumption that in the year of 2035, AVs will be a renting service and no one will own a car.
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