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Suji Shin

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I am a Graphic Designer who has a strong passion for visual communication. I especially have huge interests in typography, editorial design, poster design, art direction and photography. With my work, I aim to share a diverse view and to extend visual experience with people.


I wanted to create something based on the film director I love. There are a couple film directors that I can think of off the top of my head and there is no doubt that Alfred Hitchcock is one of them. This is a publication which focuses on visual techniques and sequence in Alfred Hitchcock's films. It attempts to demonstrate alternative interpretations (homage) of his film (sequences), visualised with typography and by using my own photographs.

Do you believe aliens exist?

The project is to create my own publication through content gathered from alien topics. And also to create my own typeface for the alien concept. What is alien comprised of? This question makes me think about slime and abstract images of cells. I played more with abstract imagery by combining various typefaces with slime and cell images. My own typeface is more geometric and is a display face with an imaginative style. These geometric shapes came from abstract patterns of cells. The complicated bubble patterns of cell images inspired me to create the geometric round shapes.


Poster design a typographic site-specific message for a location. The location I choosed was Coal Drops Yard. The concept idea came from the Coal Drops Yard's coal store history. So I created poster by coal images and the Coal Drops Yard is place where history of coal, new building and new experience consumption coexistence together. So I made the message 'EXPERIENCE IS HERE'.
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