Graphic and Media DesignDegree Show 2019


Tamara Khasanova
Hello, I'm Tamara - an international visual artist. Originally from Ukraine, I have been living and studying Art and Design in London for the past four years, and about to move to San Francisco to complete a Post-Baccalaureate degree in Studio Art. Always curious about the origin of things especially the origin of contemporary visual cultures in the art world focusing on New Media Genres.

Across my practice, I have taken different directions from print-based works to installations and moving image. Each project is a combination of the personal interests with the awareness of the current social issues which I encounter through careful observations of the local environments, cultures, and politics.

Fire Travesty*

The project Fire Travesty* challenges the fire safety signage system focusing on the meaning and form. The project outputs consist of the designed fire safety signs and editorial gallery to showcase the signs in misleading environment.

Two Points of Altitude

Overall the project was a response to the brief Two Points which asked to study and produce outcome based on two locations. The idea of focusing on airport derives from a personal interest in air travel. My work was an attempt to reduce the realistic point of view on the air travel. Instead of seeing it only as the way of getting from one point to another I celebrated the beauty of the process, the imaginary borders and uncontrollable idea of it.

The created video piece tells the story of the ‘space in between’ - the space we don’t have access to, the space we would never usually think or care about unless we happen to be in the situation of air travel. From the ground to high altitudes this ‘space’ is an intangible concept that brings arrival and departure points always together.

The moving image is supported by the photography publication Space in Between using the risograph printing. It studies the air travel through a depiction of the details of airfield space and aircraft.

Wave the Distance

Wave the Distance is the project concerned with an issue of social distance within the local communities in London. For this project, I created a prototype for spatial intervention in the Borough of Hackney.

The idea was to increase the visibility of the pathway which leads to the children playground and sports area. Since the area and pathway are abandoned and not taken care of, the goal was to make it noticeable, inviting and usable which would increase the chance of the social interaction between local neighbours, families, and kids. Below are the prototypes of the panels that would cover the walls with wood and mirrors, and create a continues movement inviting visitors to explore and to come through.