Graphic and Media DesignDegree Show 2019


Thomas Stephenson
I am a London based designer with an interest in utilising editorial design as a means to document and communicate subject matter in a way which may alter people's perspectives. The media used to convey this often comes in the form of photography, written dialogue and moving image.

Satellite - Social Housing Crisis

The effects within the regeneration of London are becoming something of misconception, mixed messages warped lies and ruined homes and lives. Caught in this world wind I wanted to create awareness whilst emphasising the real loss of such important communities within our city.

The format of Newspaper was chosen as it is a traditional medium to document and communicate news, this project wishes to play with this notion through the format.

Hammer - Body Image

This project was a doorway into the misconception of male body image and how the mass media portrays this via media outlets. Seeking to use the language of protest as a vehicle to convey this message, Risograph collages collated into Japanese bound zines, and digital moving image collages were created as a way to subvert messaging. It was important that this project retained an aesthetic of DIY and craft, whilst also bringing this aesthetic into something which explored the digital realm.

Thesis - Lady Di?

'To what extent did Diana, Princess of Wales create a new era of celebrity and how has this shaped the treatment of celebrities in the media today?'

Using the format of tabloid newspaper to present the discussion of Princess Diana and her influence on celebrity culture as we know it today seemed like an appropriate, and slightly tongue-in-cheek design choice.