Graphic and Media DesignDegree Show 2019


Tom Gotainer
My design practice is mostly centred around cultural projects, promotional content, branding and craft. I am a multidisciplinary creative, an image maker as much as a designer.

For me, the relationship between digital and analog is a source of inspiration. Although I mostly use digital tools of creation, I have a particular affection for physical outcomes, from print media to product design.

My preferred subjects are usually set at the intersection between pop culture and subculture, the mainstream and the underground, the analog and the digital world, the familiar and the obscure.

BLANK Festival

BLANK is a fictional underground electronic music festival I created as a canvas for a branding project. The whole concept revolves around the fact that the lineup is kept secret. That way, the focus shifts towards the experience and the music rather than the fame or how Instagram friendly the festival is. The event would be set in London over the course of a weekend, in a repurposed industrial zone.

The anonymity of the artists and the raw experience of this warehouse festival are communicated through a blend of utilitarian aesthetics, censorship and rhythmic glitch. The campaign would first be revealed through a teasing phase unveiling the brand, then a series of physical, print and online material would stimulate interaction with the audience and give more information about the event.


Following the ancient tradition of the tarot, the Psychotron is a deck of cards that acts as a storytelling machine, randomly generating scenarios and situations that can provide a new outlook on one’s journey through life by stimulating its imagination.

The goal with this self initiated project was to bring the tarot to a new audience, break down its common prejudices while retaining its powerful meaning. The retro game identity aims to emphasise on the playfulness of the cards while bridging the gap between past, present and future.

Each card of the tarot’s Major Arcana are distilled down to one symbol, providing more clarity and room for the imagination of a wider audience.