Graphic and Media DesignDegree Show 2019


Tom Medlicott
My focus typically lies on design for editorial and print content with an emphasis on social design, photography and information design. Through this I aim to explore the relationship that traditional design methods and the designer as maker can have in relation to social commentary and current events. Investing myself heavily in projects that focus on community, subculture and the urban realm has led me to explore many avenues of concept and practice during my 5 years here at LCC.

Commercially I have been fortunate enough to work domestically and abroad with Rocket Internet and its subsidiary brands in Berlin, Germany and in London with Brompton Bicycles and their collaborators on brand strategy, identity, advertising and public relations.

For more please visit @tmedlicottfinal.psd on Instagram

Two Points

Market streets are often indicators of an area's history, vitality, demography and ambition. London's traditional market streets are vital assets to many communities however the goods and services, as well as the community resource they provide are being eroded by private development that has re-calibrated the notion of a market from one of commerce and trade to leisure and consumption, pricing many out in the process.

Two Points is a Risographed exploration of how two differing market streets in South East London, East Street & Maltby Street reflect their surroundings and have been aestheticised according to the shift towards neoliberal private development in London.

Printed as a 6 colour Risograph on Colorplan paper and presented in a screen printed clamshell box. All images are original.


Re-Textured is a brand-new festival for London that claims to be a multi-sensory hybrid experience of electronic music, audio-visual arts and modernist architecture. My project proposed a rebrand for 2020 that better emphasised the synergy of the three main components. Creating a visual language from an architectural image set's response to various audio inputs formed the basis of the new brand identity whilst visually referencing the previous years' branding.

The final submission consisted of two components; one, a physical brand pack for attendees consisting of; screen-printed poster and weekend guide, branded clothing and festival ephemera. And two, a digital component for the festival organisers consisting of social media assets and a revised mobile/desktop web concept.

Visual Summaries

Visual Summaries documenting the conceptual and visual processes of the FMP projects from January - May 2019. Screenprinted covers with a floating hard spine. Printed on Colorplan, Plike and Heaven42 paper stocks.