Graphic and Media DesignDegree Show 2019


Verity Grace
Hey, I'm Verity. My work falls into many categories from analogue printing like screenprinting and letterpress to digital with design aftereffects and HDML.

I enjoy working around design that has a compelling story to tell and is nearly always in the category of "design for change". I want each project to be centred in conceptual thinking, to have a different direction with a variety of approaches & styles. I've found that if I approach a project by the parameters of thought, not the parameters of the brief, each project has its own breath and journey. Which leads to more diverse outcomes.

I've studied for the past few years at London College of Communication. While studying, I've been tuning my interests with self-motivated projects but also working commercially for Brompton Bicycles and moving for a few months to Portland, Oregon and New York, NY. Before settling back in London and finishing my Graphic and Media Design BA (Hons).


The magic of the recycling bin: it makes purchasing and using plastic products a little more guilt-free. But recycling is a lot more complicated. It's a system dictated by market demand, price determinations, local regulations. The success of which is contingent upon everyone, including the rubbish thrower.

I was interested in understanding what happens within a system inseparable from our very existence but which we often know very little about.

I learnt that life is precious, as is single-use plastic.

This project led to a diverse about of outcomes many of each I needed to learn how to make. An Identity, Screenprinted poster, A website, 3 short documentary films and the jewellery collection made from my own plastic waste.

Jet Wash Culture

A designed visual system for a series of digital and print based promotional pieces that are announcing a short season of events at the V&A. The events aim to explore the ‘image of music’ and interrogate visual languages and design methodology of music, musicians and bands from four specific decades.

The identity plays on the thoughts. feelings and senses we feel when experiencing live music. The deliverables were 4 A1 posters, a series of digital assets across media and DEP Underground Screens, A project Book and a Guideline book on using the identity

Nova Magazine

Nova is a magazine to display inspiring environmental stories that are taking place right now and the creatives who are telling them. This issue explores climate change with a focus on CO2 emissions and human impact on the earth. With both parts: scary and uplifting, issue and answers. The environment is vital to our existence yet we destroy the rainforests, contaminate seas, pollute the atmosphere and kill animals in the name of progress​ when in reality it's the opposite.

There is so much discussion around climate change, conservation, biodiversity and plastic; but little is being done to explain this regarding Us. The environment is vital to our existence on this planet, yet we destroy the rainforests, contaminate the seas, pollute the atmosphere and kill animals in the name of progress. As a species, we have forgotten what is important.

Nostalgic Upholstery

This project was my personal exploration and learning curve of pattern design, screenprinting fabric and upholstery. I have a keen interest in screen printing and wanted to learn how to interact with fabric as well as paper.

I upholstered a Mid Century Victoria parlour, circa the 1870s. I used a fabric I dyed with natural dyes, I designed it to reminisce Lyme Bay in Dorset, and I screen printed the pattern onto the fabric with custom paint. The chair initially re-upholstered by my maternal Great-grandfather in approx 1940s. His design and work are sat underneath my fabric because we should treasure the local, the small-scale, the eccentric, the ordinary: whatever is made out of caring. Respect what people have built for themselves.