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Veronica Jones

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Hi, I'm Veronica. I am a Graphic Designer currently based in London. I enjoy using graphic design as a vehicle for research, with my interests at the moment living within the decolonising of design; working towards seeing beyond Eurocentric references to find more considerate, accessible ways of communicating visually. History, social criticism and pop culture are central to my practice.

IG: @veroj0nes


Islands: Between Worlds is an interactive documentary site and series about Black girlhood while growing up in small towns and rural areas of the UK. From my interviews with young Black British womxn, through the project, we explore what it means to be Black and British while growing up away from the centres of community found in cities, the lessons that we have learned and reflections on the contemporary Black experience outside of London.

Apparel Index V0.1

This project was an inquiry into the semiotics and the role cultural capital play in the acquisition of taste. I was particularly interested in the social markers that the cultivation of "good taste" signal. The book in itself acts as a study cataloguing the functions of clothing and explores how we make use of garments as pieces of communication, utility and performance.


Set in the year 2035, this project speculates on how the introduction of a universal basic income, the growth in widespread automation and the need for more rest in society may interact and change the way we live. Microsocia is a network of communities centred around study, personal development, rest and volunteering within the local community
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