Graphic and Media DesignDegree Show 2019


Xiaomeng Liu
I am xiaomeng, a student with great passion for visual design. I have been trying to find my limits, because I believe that as a designer, perfection comes from the accumulation of quantity, and only one inspiration is weak.

I have worked as an intern in ogilvy & mather advertising agency and design studio, and I have been inspired by excellent colleagues. Now I am actively learning new fields and hope to bring more interesting works to myself in the future.

Qingdao Sea-cucumber Festival

Qingdao sea-cucumber festival was only held for three times before, so the overall festival organization is still very immature, lacking online and offline publicity, and the audience is only the elderly.
In order to make it like a national festival, I decided to enhance the festival with vivid colors, simple style logo, sharp-edged lines from sea cucumber’s thorn, lots of publications and online promotional video. The main visual posters, auxiliary posters, and outdoor hanging flags are based on the time and place information. More festival introductions and sea cucumber cooking methods, marine knowledge popularization, etc. are placed in the brochure. The employee card is divided into a hanging neck type and a wearable type, which is convenient for merchants who often bend over and those who only need to walk upright.
Tickets are divided into one-day ticket and three-day ticket. The cold and warm colors are convenient to distinguish the types of tickets. Considering to help people to recognize the contents of the festival, the sea cucumber logo is added on the front side. The main elements are same with poster to prevent the whole style is not uniform.

The Fat Girl’s Noodle

This project is to design a logo and the sauce packaging for a Chongqing noodle shop in China. The name of the shop is The Fat Girl’s Noodle. For the part of logo, I decided to focus on "fat", and because it is a small noodle shop, so I wanted to make the static logo visually have a dynamic atmosphere. For example, when people are eating noodles, the cheeks are bulging, so there are two arcs and a short line representing the cheeks are stuffed with food and the mouth. The asymmetrical form gives a dynamic behavior - "chewing." In addition, in order to give people some imagination, I decided to draw only one eye to avoid the whole image being too straightforward. I chose the Chinese retro advertising font as a prototype, then broke the structure and reassembled into a new, manual font.
Considering that the current sauce supply is small, I decided to make all the patterns into stamps and hand-printed on the wrapping paper. This makes the cost lower, and the manual texture gives the consumer a very authentic sense. Because Chongqing is a mountain city, so I painted some buildings in the mountains, surrounded by the Yangtze river to represent noodles.

YuanYang Terraced Travel Ticket

The old version of the terraced fields ticket used a large real scenery picture. But due to the wrong choice of paper, the low quality printing makes the picture look cheap, and the untidy text layout makes the overall look unsatisfactory. If sponsor want the scenic spot to be more international, visual design is an important part. I think the modern style with simple geometric figure and high-saturated color is more accepted than physical scenery. I designed “ABC” to represent 3 types tickets, and applied the lines of terraced fields on the surface; drawing a geometric illustration according to the terraced landscape. I also re-edited the text content and add English content for foreigners to read; let some details bleed away for more of a worn-in look. The main color is extracted from the terraced area, matching with “ABC” to distinguish the types of tickets.

Font Design

In order to design a multi-purpose font that can be used in posters, magazine titles, decorative cards, etc. I was Inspired by a Chinese puzzle game that I played as a child, it can match thousands of images with just a few geometric shapes. So I decided to use simple geometry as a structure to create an amusing font by overlapping them. Therefore, this font has a high interest and application range. It is suitable for large size text, which can be used as lamp decoration and large outdoor device. Content related to creativity, art, toys, design topics all can use this font. Except for text typesetting that requires a high level of reading.