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Yasha Argal

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I am Yasha, an Indian multidisciplinary designer based in London and Hong Kong. My design work covers illustrations, typography, branding and design cultures. I also love working with analogue techniques, like book binding, screen-printing and lino etching. I enjoy showcasing my work with editorial design, photography and mixed multi media. My works are often playful and bright, striking a chord with the viewers.

IG: @yashaaargal

Musafir: A Travel Guide to India

This editorial piece explores the states of India. I wanted to pay homage to the country I am from. This travel diary will take you on a journey through India. You can experience the wonders and the amazing rollercoaster ride. The colourful textures of India, and what makes it a unique country! The culture, ways of living and aesthetics are categorised in my work, based on the alphabetical order of the states first; followed by the union territories.

Bharat Brands: Glocal

This project is a response to my thesis and industry practice project. It explores the Indian advertising industry and its development over the years. The inspiration came from the modernisation of branding by analysing the bright colour themes, typography and repetitive patterns. The primary objective for me was to reconnect with my own culture. Growing up in Hong Kong, I was always intrigued by the local Indian culture. For this project particularly, I wanted to revisit the products which brought me immense joy as I associated them with happiness and holidays- back home. One of the important factors which are often overlooked is packaging and the visual design system of a product. I tend to remember the logo and signage of the iconic brands far more than the actual taste. The prints could be placed in an environment where there are groups of large people such as supermarkets itself where the products advertised are easily accessible for purchase.

Moon Fest: Mainstage Festival

Moon Fest, which is also known as the Mid Autumn Festival/Lantern festival is an Asian festival celebrated on the 15th day of the 8th Month according to the Lunar calendar; on a full moon night. Based in Chinatown Leicester Square, the Moon fest will be held from 1st to 3rd October. This coincides with the real festival this year, and it is the best way to introduce the culture to the local UK residents. The colours that I have decided to use for my final outcomes reflect the atmosphere that is present during the festival.
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