Graphic and Media DesignDegree Show 2019


Yeon Jin Kim
I am Yeon Jin Kim who is a graphic designer interested in especially branding, brand experience, and motion graphic. My works always focus on the perspective of the audience and their experience. As a communication tool, various methods are used from digital to analogue like physical printing.

British Rock Music Exhibition Posters at V&A

In this project, I designed the exhibition posters about British rock music at V&A. I expressed the image of music through the distortion methods because British rock music is based on a counter-culture and anti-establishment according to the research. Under the name of sub-genre of rock music and related to rock music, every four periods of music basically, pursue freedom through deny and break the existing rule to make their own cultural identity. Responding to this context, I expressed their ideology with their featured music styles.

Visual Summary for British Rock Music Exhibition Posters

To produce British rock music posters for the exhibition at V&A, I processed iterative and experimental testing. This visual summary book shows this development process.

London Korean Film Festival (LKFF) Re-branding

The London Korean Film Festival (LKFF) is an annual event that presents the Korean film to the London audiences. It shows a vibrant and varied range of films to satisfy the UK public’s passion for Korean cinema and give an insight into the rich culture of Korea has to offer. I decided to establish BI of LKFF due to lack of own ‘brandness’ and low connectivity between visual identity and values of the brand. For the visual identity of LKFF, ‘Chang-ho’, which is one of the traditional Korean cultural identities, is used for this film festival. The role of Korean film in other countries is a door to enter the Korean culture. So, the physical function of the door and the semantic role of Korean film is similar, because both door and film help make a connection between two different spaces or worlds. Also, ‘Chang-ho’ gives a Korean style pattern and visual atmosphere. For this reason, visual elements of ‘Chang-ho’ is applied to establish the visual identity of LKFF brand design.